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Legal Policies

Guarantees & Policies

Live Arrival Guaranteed

* if picked up from the shipping center within 2 hours of being available for pickup and a full unboxing video is provided. (Make sure to download the tracking app so you can check when available and get updates about your shipment.)

Sex Guarantee  

We guarantee the sex of your chameleon.

*if sending a male it will be showing obvious male coloration, we don’t send out youngsters, so we offer no trade guarantee,  it’s just simply guaranteed. If a female turns out showing color and being a male within 30 days, we ask that you send the animal back and you cover shipping and handling, we will send you a female chameleon in exchange, we will cover shipping and handling for the female) 

We don’t expect this will ever happen because we grow out the chameleons well past the state there is any confusion but just wanted to be clear and have a plan of action set forth. 

Health Guarantee

The health of your chameleon is guaranteed for first 30 days. This means if you get your chameleon setup and send us proof of said chameleon inhabiting it’s enclosure exhibiting proper husbandry in forms of

  1. Proper uvb light/placement
  2. Basking bulb 
  3. Basking branches are placed at the proper distance from both lights specified above 
  4. Show proof you have the proper Calcium, multivitamin, and vit a.
  5. Hydration method (mist schedule/water dripper) or (misting system) 
  6. Have the proper feeders to offer your chameleon

If you send us proof of all the above and your chameleon perishes, we will send you a chameleon of the same sex or if we do not have the replacement animal available we can choose to send you a refund in full if you send your claim to us within these 30 days only. 

We suggest you schedule a checkup for the new member or your family to open a line of communication with a vet that specializes in exotics (hard to come by) that way if any complications were to arise you could skip this usually mandatory lengthy step and get straight to problem solving with them. This is just my advice to you. We are not responsible for vet bills or any kind or any other cost pertaining to your animal after they are in your forever loving home. 

Liability Policy

You are acknowledging when agreeing to these terms that If we give advice on caring for your animal at any time we are doing so after recognizing here that any advice your veterinarian gives you should be followed if conflicting with ours as we are not veterinarian medical professionals. We know what we do and suggest has worked great for us but could have different results for you. Nature’s Van Gogh can not be responsible for any of these effects or others in any way. We are only legally bound to send you the animal specified in your adoption approval unless the order is canceled and we initiate full refund on the day a cancellation email or call is made. You are agreeing you will not file a lawsuit of any kind against Nature’s Van Gogh or any of its affiliates pertaining to animals or anything of that nature. 

Weather Policy

We will only ship your animal if weather conditions are safe to do so at Shiping origin location, connecting transient location, and destination. 

Check your local weather and be sure your not expecting to have your animal within a time frame Mother Nature will not allow the conditions for this to occur. 

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