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About us

Nature’s Van Gogh was something Logan Goldsmith started with his son, Jude, to bring them closer to nature and each other while incorporating their shared passion for animals.

Panther chameleons, what they consider beautiful works of art, have taken them on a transformative journey into their mysterious colorful world. Logan, Jude, and the rest of the NVG team now work hard every single day to ensure their animals thrive and are at max health.

They produce some of the most spectacular Chameleons ever seen. Check out some of Nature’s little masterpieces and see for yourself.


“Our Mission is to create a sustainable community of captive bred chameleons to bring joy into this world and to reduce numbers of illegal exportation in order to keep our vibrantly stunning little friends off of the endangered species list.”

The Team




Our Passion

“Ever since I laid eyes on my very first Chameleon, I’ve been entranced by these little dinosaurs that hail obviously from a distant alien inhabited planet. I desired to become a part of their universe and was fascinated by their mystery, somehow overlooked by myself and many others, existence. They inspired the artist side of my brain and had me hooked with their little Cham hands 🖖🏻🖖🏻”

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